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YEAR 1880


Records seem to indicate that the first railroad in Hamilton was the Minnesota Valley Railroad Company.  In 1870, it became the St. Paul and Sioux City RR.  The depot was built in 1880 by the Chicago, Minneapolis and Omaha RR.  In 1904 the railroad became the Chicago Northwestern RR which was the same time the city name was changed by the post office to Savage.  Most of the freight and mail was for Mr. Savage who owned the huge International Stock Food Farm located near the depot.  (Several photos show the farm behind the depot and some are of Mr. Savage.)

YEAR 1970

The Savage and Shakopee depots were closed in 1970 when a new depot was built between the two cities.  Murphys Landing records indicate when depots are closed they are typically sold or demolished.  Murphys purchased the Savage Depot and moved it their site in Shakopee in 1973.

The Savage Depot, before 1970 in Savage, MN

According to the genealogical archivist of the C & NW Historical Society they list the depot agents:
1905  -- Peter Dempsey
1917  -- Hugo Bromarder
1921-1931+ Charles F. McCarthy
1952- 1970  Charles Oster

YEAR 2000

Three Rivers Park District took over ownership of Murphys Landing in early 2000, they set out to evaluate all of the structures.  The Dan Patch Historical Society sent a letter stating if there ever was a possibility that they no longer wanted the Savage depot, we would be interested. 

YEAR 2004

In 2004 we learned that they indeed could not support to keep all of the structures.

The Savage Depot, at Murphy's Landing in Shakopee, MN
(1970's - 2006)  

YEAR 2005

On March 8, 2005 the Savage City Council hired a consultant to develop a site plan for the public square that could possibly be a site for the depot.  City staff evaluated the depot and determined that it would roughly cost $130,000 to move and renovate the building for year around occupancy.
The Dan Patch Historical Society at their meeting of March 16, 2005 agreed to raise the funds to move it to a location in Savage and to remove the foundation at Murphys Landing and restore the land to its original state.
The Society would also facilitate getting volunteers, contributions and possibly a general contractor.  A slogan of BRING THE DEPOT HOME was proposed.
At the April 18, 2005 city council meeting a presentation on the concept plan to upgrade the town square which included the depot.  The council approved an RFP process to solicit engineering services to complete final plans and specifications. (see Savage Pacer article, April 23, 2005). The council also passed a motion supporting the Dan Patch Historical Societys efforts to move the depot back to the city.

YEAR 2006

The Depot on its way back home on July 28th, 2006 at 3am

YEAR 2007

October 7th, 2007 at a "Thank You" party for the commercial donors that donated their time, materials, and most of all, themselves for helping to achieve the goal of "Bringing the Depot HOME!"

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Savage Depot Rendering

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